Fitcap — operator-led angel investing

Aidan Fitzpatrick and Andrew Dancy are making $5–25k investments with Fitcap. We've been building software since the 90s, and companies since 2004. We founded Reincubate, building breakout products like Camo.

We help founders with product, channel, and community. If you're building something ambitious, get in touch.

We've supported the following companies:

Confidential, pending announcement
Confidential, pending announcement
Confidential, pending announcement
Pod Point
Veeqo (exited)
Confidential, pending announcement

What we look for

We write cheques from $5–25k, and don't lead rounds. We'll invest pre-seed, seed, or series A. We're founders and operators, rather than full-time investors. Our interest & experience helps add value in the following areas, though we invest in others:

The founders we invest in tend to be great builders, clear communicators, and are building products we want to use, that solve problems we've experienced.

How to get in touch

Email Aidan or Andrew, or drop us a direct message. 👋 Follow on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Fitcap is structured as a fund. Aidan and Andrew are the GPs. The first fund, Fitcap LLP, is registered in the UK as OC435826. Fitcap 2 LLC is registered in Delaware. Fitcap is currently closed to external LPs.

How we help

As Sahil Lavingia says:

raise money from well-known investors who won't bug you too much and look good to other investors, prospective candidates, and potential customers [...]

save spots in your round for 5-10 "value add" angels [they] write small checks but will do a lot more work for you than the average professional investor [and] look really good on your cap table/website for investors, employees, and customers

That's our aim. You'll get access to:

Our network. As smaller investors, collaboration with others is important to us: we share rather than push others out, and we'd love to help you connect. In building our companies, we've developed relationships with coinvestors, executives and press. Aidan is a long-standing member of the 14,000 strong Entrepreneurs' Organization and OnDeck communities. Andrew is a long-standing member of the Institute of Directors.

Our audience. Aidan is active on Twitter with 70,000 followers, and our Facebook has over 700,000. We can help with hiring messages, announcements and community-building.

Our experience. In the sectors described above, but also notably in ecommerce, where we've gone through the $10m → $100m journey. We both have technical, engineering backgrounds, with focus on product design, UX, and R&D.

We've gone through lean times whilst bootstrapping, and have dealt with company failure as NEDs on other boards. Aidan served on EO's global governance committee and is experienced with conflict resolution between entrepreneurs in emotionally charged situations. Andrew sits on the board of a law firm, and is experienced in the legal and financial challenges faced by founders and early stage businesses.

Our mindset. We have perspectives as operators outside the Bay Area. Aidan spends several months in the US each year, though we're both based in the UK. We've raised and exited before, but also have the perspective of having bootstrapped to $MM.

Some things we won't do: