About Aidan Fitzpatrick

I founded and run Reincubate, helping people get more from devices and data.

Recognition. My company has won the UK's highest business honour three times, most recently from King Charles III. My work has been covered by the BBC, WSJ, & NYT. I've been quoted a fair amount, and have spoken at Microsoft, Google and Snap events. The Daily Mail called me a "tech whizz", ComputerWeekly called me a "renowned mobile expert".

I built Camo, which Apple nominated for an Apple Design Award. Earlier in my career I've won "Best online business" (Retail Week Awards), "Best managed business" (Buyout Track 100), "Best use of technology" (Fast Track 100), "Best international e-commerce" (PayPal E-tail Awards), "Internet tech of the year" (Retail Week Tech Awards), "Exit management team of the year" (BVCA).

Entrepreneurship & innovation. In 2008 I built the world's first tool for iOS data recovery; the second award from the Queen reflected this. I run a number of skunkworks projects each year, from which products like Camo and a number of patents have emerged. In the mid-2000s I was CTO at Artspages, supplying Apple with music for the iTunes Store, and ultimately building Norway's largest SAN at the time.

My work & the techniques I pioneered have been cited in over 20 academic papers on mobile forensics, including "iPhone 3GS Forensics: Logical Analysis Using Apple iTunes Backup Utility" (Bader, M & Baggli, I, 2010), "OS Forensic Investigative Methods" (Zdziarski, J, 2013), "Overcoming Forensic Implications with Enhancing Security in iOS" (Gangula, MR, 2019), and "Direct Message Extraction for Automatic Emotional Inference and Drug Detection" (Fong, G, 2019).

Investing. I angel invest with Fitcap and usually complete a few product or asset acquisitions through Reincubate each year. I was an investor and Wiggle's CTO through to its $230m breakout exit. I like to fund or part-fund tours for musicians visiting the UK, and have recorded a few of their gigs.

Non-profit & governance. I served on EO's Governance Committee for 3 years, was seconded to its Standing Finance Committee, and ran its UK chapter. This ran from setting policy alongside the General Counsel, to mediation and dispute resolution. I was founding chair of the Met Police’s Ward Panel for Pool of London, and of a local residents' association. I've been a non-exec director on several corporate boards, and enjoy being both a mentor and a mentee.

Personal. I'm teetotal vegetarian, a cancer-survivor, and I started my first company at 14. I was born in Europe, raised in New Zealand and Sussex, and live in London. Most years I spend several months in the US. My work is values-led, and I'm passionate about creating great products. I wrote “So, you want to work in tech?” in 2016.


Aidan Fitzpatrick